About Us

English Department, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University

Widely-known as one of the leading departments in Thailand with a wide range of prestigious academic programs, the English Department at TU was founded in 1970 and has then developed excellence in teaching and learning as well as researching. Today, the English Department offers an undergraduate program (Rangsit Campus) which aims at strengthening overall communicative and critical thinking skills and building up students’ knowledge in translation, linguistics, intercultural communication, and literature. Students in our undergraduate program have the opportunity to engage in a number of extracurricular activities, internship program and academic events, including special lectures and exchange programs.

In addition to the BA curriculum, the English Department supports higher innovative interdisciplinary programs (Tha Prachan Campus) offering the MA-PhD programs in English Language Studies, the MA program in English-Thai Translation and the Graduate Diploma program in English for Business and Management. Each year, these graduate programs organized numerous workshops and special lectures conducted by internationally renowned lecturers from universities in the US, UK and Asian region, to promote our graduate students’ outstanding work, research and publications.