Faculty and staff

Asst.Prof.Dr. Kwanjira Chatpunnarangsee

ผศ.ดร.ขวัญจิรา ฉัตรพรรณรังสี


Ph.D. (Literacy, Culture, and Language Education)
Indiana University, U.S.A.

M.A. in English (TESL)
Minnesota State University, U.S.A.

B.Ed. (English)
Chulalongkorn Univeristy, Thailand

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Business English
International House of London, UK



Chatpunnarangsee, K. (2015). Corpora, concordancing and collocations. Journal of English Studies, 10, 102-136.

Chatpunnarangsee, K., & Pookcharoen, S. (2013). A metacognitive-based analysis of online reading strategies among Thai EFL undergraduate students. Journal of Liberal Arts, 13(2), 117-142.

Kim, H.K., & Chatpunnarangsee, K. (2013). Transnational Asian college students: Bilingualism, biculturalism, and identity. Bilingual Research, 52(2), 71-99.

Chatpunnarangsee, K. (2008). Conversation matters. Bangkok: Thammasat University Press.


Chatpunnarangsee, K. (2013, March). Using a concordancer to teach English collocations and semantic prosodies. Workshop presented at the Electronic Village at the 2013 TESOL Conference, Dallas, Texas.

Chatpunnarangsee, K. (2013, February). Utilizing Corpus Technology to Facilitate Learning of English Collocations. Paper presented at the 25th SLED Symposium, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Chatpunnarangsee, K. (2012, March). How to use a web-based concordancer to teach English collocations. Presented in the Electronic Village Fair at the 2012 TESOL Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kim, H. & Chatpunnarangsee, K. (2010, November). Asian college students: How bilingualism and biculturalism shape their identities. Paper presented at the 2010 INTESOL Annual Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Research Interests:

Corpus-based language learning and its application to ESL/EFL teaching
Second language writing
Bilingualism and bilingual education
Discourse analysis in second language classrooms

Contact info:
E-mail: kwanjira@tu.ac.th
Tel: 02-696-5687